Monday, September 15, 2008


We just finished setting our wikispaces in hopes of being able to communicate with people in similar areas of concentration and others in the class. So far, it has been helpful in discovering others in secondary education and English, but I am still waiting to see how the space will contribute to learning and sharing. I am looking forward to seeing how to manage my space, and contributing to others.

We have also been doing webquests in class, which have been very helpful. It gave me great ideas for sites and projects for my future students that I had no idea even existed. I will definitely be using webquest in the future.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blog #1

This is my first time using a blog, and my first time discovering social networking outside of facebook.  Sometimes I have a hard time finding exactly what I am looking for on the web when I have a specific topic in mind, and now with social networking I can check my delicious account and search through web pages that have already been discovered by my fellow teachers and friends.  I will also be able to post my own great finds so my students can easily access educational websites and post sites of their own.  Blogging will also come in handy.  Instead of asking students to write journals on paper, wasting ink and trees, they can now post their thoughts and ideas online.  This makes it accessible to everyone in class and cuts down on dragging papers with me to and from class.