Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Discovering Digital Images

The past few class periods we have been working on understanding the uses of digital images in the classroom by gathering pictures from the web, clipart, and scanners. This section of the class was not new to me. I have had to use clipart and images from websites for projects before. However, I did learn the correct resolution that my pictures should be if I am not printing them (72 dpi), and how scanning images can be helpful to special education learners. Honestly, I had never used a scanner before, and it was very helpful to take something that was not on the computer and make it digital. Even though the process could be time consuming, scanning images into the computer and then manipulating them in order to fit the needs of special learners can be very helpful to the teacher and to the learner. We also created a slideshow as a group and used the digital images to tell a story. I feel like I do this in every day life. I am always taking pictures and uploading them on the web for others to see. They tell a story about my life. Digital images can enhance a lecture, incorperate many universal design techniques, and allow the students and the teacher to showcase their creativity.

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