Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Inspiring Inspiration

Today we began our project by using the Inspiration software. I have used Inspiration before in my special education class, but we had to do a specific assignment with a team, and there was little to no creativity involved. It was used strictly for research and presentation. This project is much better in the fact that I can tailor it to what I will be teaching in the future so I could one day use it if necessary. I chose to use Shakespeare and compare the use of one theme in two of his most famous tragedies: MacBeth and Hamlet. Both of the main characters in the plays face traps that are either set by themselves through predestined fate, or intentionally in order to catch the murderer. I wanted to use the software to show how students can easily brainstorm and connect ideas together, especially when comparing and contrasting certain ideas in two stories or plays. Inspiration allows you to choose a template that suits the needs of your project, and then simply fill in the information. I will certainly use this software when I am a teacher because brainstoring and organization so important in the writing process. I have not yet finished my project, but when I am done I will clearly be able to see ideas that I want in a final draft and similarities in the two plays.

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